FRIDAY,  APRIL 20, 2018                         DAY 6

Canteen Stage will be off limits from the 23-27.  Alternate lunch room will be the art room.

JUST A REMINDER THAT WE ARE A FISH, NUT & SCENT FREE SCHOOL.  Meaning there is to be no perfume worn or sprayed into the halls.

FOR THOSE INTERESTED:  THE TOWN WIDE GARAGE SALE WILL BE ON JUNE 2, 2018.  (NO RAINDATE)  Cost is $5 for your name to be put onto a map of Carman.  Please register at the Carman Collegiate office (hours 7:30 – 4).    Deadline to sign up is May 30th.   Maps will be placed at the Homestead Gas Bar and Fas Gas the morning of the sale. 


Please come and pickup your report card from the office

Students who have chrome books in their lockers are asked to return them at the end of this period.

Girls highschool fastball practice tomorrow (Sat) at 1:00 and next Wed. (25th) at 7:00 a.m.

Dean North is offering Junior Golf as well as a Junior Golf Enhancement Program.  If you are interested please see the brochure on the bulletin board in front of the office.


All Grads are asked to pick up a Grad Bio sheet from the office.